Holy Ghost Fire from an 82 Year Old Prayer Leader

Written by Julie Hayden

September 23, 2023

I just got a Holy Ghost kick in the pants from an 82 year old prayer leader. 

Barbara’s story challenges and convicts me.  May it light a fire under each one of us!!!  2 years ago, she took our intercessory prayer training.  She committed to launching a house of prayer during that time.  Since that time, she has launched 5 houses of prayer. 

Barbara is one of those ladies that believes the word of God.  She saw the truth in the Word, and she acted on it.  In the midst of the global shutdown, she saw her opportunity to witness to the world by praying for everyone who called her. If she got a phone call from the insurance agent, she had an opportunity to pray with them.  She then took it to the next level with establishing houses of prayer.

Last year I was able to visit one of her houses of prayer in Kentucky.  Here is Barbara’s account of that meeting in her own words:

Dear sweet missionary Julie, my heart is so full after your visit. It reminded me of when Paul would go and visit one of the churches that he had started. And then it also made me think of many of the scriptures. Firstly, I thought of Jesus speaking, “My house will be called a House of prayer. ” Secondly, you found Mary’s House of prayer to be faithful. Thirdly, you are the missionary prayer Shepherd who planted a seed in my spirit and came and encouraged us in Paducah. Mary and I never expected you to come and pray with us. We have been so blessed.  Thank you so much. I am so eager to see how God is going to bless you as a missionary of prayer. You have planted seeds in my heart, Mary’s heart, Sylvia’s heart, and Lori’s heart. This all started with the web class on prayer. I committed to 8 weeks. Each of these ladies committed to 8 weeks and look how long it’s been! We are still praying together. Just like Esther, “we have been born for such a time as this.” We still have work to do and can make such a difference as we glorify our Holy God. Our hair may be grey, our skin wrinkled, our knees stiff… But God… Called us to pray… We are “God’s temple.” Amen and Amen.  Barbara W.

Mary & Barbara pray each week at Mary’s house.  Mary was housebound during COVID.  When Barb approached her about being a house of prayer, Mary stated, “I’ve had fellowships and Bible studies in my home, but I’ve never been a house of prayer.  I would love to be a house of prayer.”  Their first meeting Barb and Mary prayed over her home and hung a reminder that this home was now a house of prayer.

Each week Barb & Mary met to pray for their churches, pastors, missionaries, and families.  Mary believed her house was a house of prayer for all people as Jesus had commanded the people of Israel.  Isaiah 56:7 speaks of a joyful house of prayer for all nations.  Purpose and joy began to flood Mary’s home.  And ALL who entered were prayed for and given the opportunity to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

One of Mary’s caregivers received Christ.  Mary & Barb rejoiced with the angels over this salvation.  Then two others came to know the Lord.  Recently all three were baptized in Mary’s church and all their families came to witness it and heard the gospel preached!  GLORY!!!

Mary just received a promotion and now is establishing her house of prayer in an assisted living facility.  God is expanding her territory.  Well done, Barbara & Mary!

Here are two ladies that most of the world had wrote off.  What could they do?  Both have ongoing health concerns that limit them.  But both can pray!!!!  Both can pound heaven for the next generations.  Both can share Christ with everyone they meet whether in person or by phone.  Both are impacting their spheres of influence and growing the kingdom of God.   As long as they have breath, they are a house of prayer!

Do you feel washed up?  Do you wonder what difference you can make in the earth?  Do you lack purpose or vision?  My friend, BE THE HOUSE OF PRAYER YOU WERE CREATED TO BE!!!! God is raising up an army of people who like David’s mighty men are coming out of the ashes, out of retirement, out of setbacks, and they are stepping into their new assignments for a new day.  This is not just for a few select people.  This is a call for THE CHURCH!  

If this resonates with you, I want to have a conversation with you.  Reply to this email or text/call me personally.  HOPE stands for a House of Prayerful Expectation.  We are all called to be a house of prayer.  I would love to help you start on this journey.

If you are already on the way, feel free to reach out also.  I want to cheer you on!  We all need encouragement on this road.  Don’t let anyone convince you to quit.  Keep going!!!!  You, my friend, are making a difference.  Your prayers matter!  Your prayers are moving heaven and earth.  John Wesley once said, “God does nothing but in answer to prayer.” Oh, that our prayers would keep God busy! 

Enlisted in the battle,  


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