Do Not Detour RESET Day 16

Written by Julie Hayden

January 17, 2018


As we start today, take a minute to read again out loud our Word for 2018.

City Point Church Word for 2018

Whether you recognize it or not, the seeds for your glorious future have already been sown. Your various life experiences, relationships, even your mistakes have all contributed to fertilize those seeds of purpose. God’s route to your glorious future relies on His unique sense of direction, not the logical, straightforward route you might envision.

The doorway to your glorious future is open already, waiting for you to step up and walk through it. If you’re frustrated by unrealized dreams and ongoing disappointments, ask God to give you a reset. Ask for the one thing (priority) to keep you moving forward.

Always believe the best for the future. If you view the future through regret, the past, disappointments or hurt, then you will lose sight of God’s goodness. All you have to do is live long enough, and you realize that life can be painful. But no matter what you’re facing or what’s going on around you, you must believe the best for the future, in Jesus’ name.

God has given you his Word on your future: “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you…thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope” (Jer. 29:11). If you believe God is who He says He is, then you must also know that through it all, a glorious future that will surprise you and fulfill your deepest longings awaits you; a future that will reflect God’s goodness and power, his glory and grace.

Stay on this path, my friend. Follow Jesus, and God will crown you with His goodness. You have an amazing inheritance in Jesus’ name, a mountain to summit and a path to pioneer. You have a faith lane that is all your own, a grace zone that is waiting for you to occupy. The difficult path and shame of your past is no match for his name, for His healing power, and His holy calling. Your unique gifts are tailored perfectly to outwork His purpose in this generation and your wide-open, spacious, God-ordained life is waiting for you to jump right in! Live, love, and lead like Jesus and your life on earth and in Heaven will reflect the ongoing glory of God—in all things!

There is no doubt—your best is yet to come!

AMEN!!!!  Each time I read this I get so pumped!!!  Yes, the best is yet come!  God has already planted the seeds of my glorious future!  I’m just waiting for a harvest!

Tonight as I read this aloud I was struck the sentence:  “Stay on this path, my friend.” Stay.  Don’t leave.  Don’t try a different way.  Don’t look for a different course.

It is so easy to get sidetracked.  Even while writing this post tonight I have had five phone calls to detour me from this assignment.  I’ve had three emails.  Responded to seven text messages.  And I’m doing laundry.

We live in a chaotic world.  So much is vying for our attention.  So much is available to distract, detour and delude us. We must remain committed to stay on this path.

When I am traveling in my car if there is a delay on the road, I will often look for an alternate route.  I might take other roads I know will get me to my destination.  Sometimes the highway department is nice enough to even post detour signs pointing me in a different direction.  But on this journey, God is speaking to us today to “stay on this path”.  Do not leave the path.  Do not get distracted. Do not detour!

God’s timing may not be your timing.  Are you willing to be patient for His best instead of rushing to a detour?  Stay the course.  Don’t think you have a better way.  God’s ways are perfect and will lead to His prophesied, desired end.  Our ways might get us close faster, but we will miss all that God has for us.  I don’t want to miss a thing that He has ordained for me.

Oh my friend, stay the course.  Stay on the path.  Follow Jesus.  There is a crown of His goodness waiting for you on this path.  Don’t detour and miss it!  Stay on the path, my friend.

Prayer for Today:  Lord, I thank You for the plans You have for me.  They are good. They are perfect.  I commit to staying on the path You have laid before me.  I will continually choose to seek You.  You are my priority.  I want Your way and not my own. Give me grace to not rush ahead but to wait on You for Your ways are perfect.

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