Are We There Yet? RESET Day 5

Written by Julie Hayden

January 6, 2018


The car ride is going great until your child begins to ask, “Are we there yet?”  It usually doesn’t stop with just one question.  The question seems to come over, and over, and over again.  You try to stop the child from asking any more, but the question continually comes up until finally you can respond in a much affirmative “YES!!!!”

Do you ever feel like that with God?  For the last 5 days, we have been asking God for a reset.  Shouldn’t it already be done?  I mean I have asked 5 WHOLE TIMES!!!  People are even fasting.  God isn’t deaf – I know He has heard.  So why hasn’t it happened yet?

Maybe it is something you’ve asked about for over 10, 20, 30 years?  I have friends that have been praying for a revival in our region for over 5 decades.  Yep – 5 decades – not 5 days.  They know God has heard.  They know God will answer.  They know this is God’s will.  Yet they continue to cry out to Him day and night for breakthrough in this region.

But why aren’t we there yet?  Why didn’t He answer the first time?

In Jesus Sermon on the Mount we are instructed in prayer.  “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock , and it will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7. The verb tense of the word ask means to ask and keep on asking, along with to seek and keep on seeking and knock and keep on knocking.  It isn’t always just a one time thing.

He is calling us to be faithful.  Is He worth it?  Is He worthy of our time and energy?  Are we committed to Him even when He doesn’t answer right away?  Or will we turn tail and run if we don’t get our way?

The next verse is very telling.  In The Passion translation  Matthew 7:8 reads:  “For every persistent one will get what he asks for.  Every persistent seeker will discover what he longs  for.  And everyone who knocks persistently will one day find an open door.”

Read Luke 18:1-8. That widow lady wouldn’t give up!  She was persistent.  And the judge finally answered as she had continually asked, sought and knocked.  How much more gracious is our loving and good Father!  Will He find faith in us?  Will we be faithful to ask for His RESET?  We’ve been given this opportunity.  Let’s give Him no rest, crying out for our RESET.

Prayer for Today:  Oh, Lord, we are gonna keep asking, seeking and knocking for this RESET.  We aren’t giving up on day 5.  We aren’t giving up next week, or next month, or next year.  We are going hard after You.  We desire Your RESET in our lives.  We desire You.  You are our Treasure.  You are our Hope.  That is why we continue day after day to seek You.  You are the Great Reward.  Fix our eyes on You today, Lord.

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