Expecting Great Things

Written by Julie Hayden

December 1, 2017

What a blessing to have Pastor Kyle & Alisa Felke at my church, City Point, last Sunday!  Pastor Kyle serves at Bethel Valparaiso.  He came to encourage our congregation.  That’s a great commission?!?!?!!  He sowed seeds of encouragement.  He was generous in sowing encouragement!

Pastor Kyle Felke shared how we are called to sow LOTS of seeds.  We should be sowing – all the time – everywhere we go.  God wants to use us in our everyday lives to sow seeds of His love, His grace, His hope to the world around us.

Sometimes we can be so miserly.  We wonder if there will be enough to go around.  If we give here, will we have enough?  Will our seed bag become empty?  Will we run out when we need it the most?

Praise God that He is always ready to refill that bag of seed.  When we feel empty, He fills us up.  He is a good and loving Father.  We can never out give God.  Our bag of seed will never run dry as we hear and obey Him!

Last week, I shared with my sons about sowing and reaping.  We talked about tithing from Malachi 3 – how God commands us to bring in the whole tithe and then to watch Him show off by pouring out a blessing you can’t contain.  We can sow not only our finances, but also our time, our gifts, ourselves, our words and our blessings.  God encouraged us to test Him in it.  As a family we committed in our situation to “test God in this” and watch how He would respond.  CRAZY GOOD STUFF!  He LONGS to show off in our lives if we would trust Him enough to obey Him.

This week my family witnessed that type of blessing – the kind that spills out on all those around. A CRAZY GOOD BLESSING!  We received a miracle to us!  Someone sowed a seed into our family.  It met our need.  I celebrate in reaping a harvest, but  I also celebrate that was THEIR seed.  God is going to bring a harvest on that seed in their life!  I look forward to watching it unfold for them.   I’m expecting God to show off in their life in an extravagant way.

Now is the time of sowing and reaping.  Are you sowing generously?  Are you sowing stingily? What harvest do you want to reap for the Kingdom?

If a farmer sows seed, he believes for a harvest.  Charles Finney once said, “revival in the church was no more a mystery than that of a farmer planting a corn field. When the farmer planted corn, he knew that he would reap a harvest of corn. When we sow sincere prayer, revival is sure to follow.”

Oh, I want to sow my seeds of prayer generously.  I want pray extravagant prayers.  I want to birth the plans and purposes of God in Northwest Indiana.  I want to give to every good work.  I want to build His kingdom.

I’m expecting!  I’m expecting that where we have been sowing – there will be a day of reaping.

Sow generously, my friend.  Sow your encouragement.  Sow your prayers.  Sow your gifts.  Sow your possessions.  Sow your time.  Sow your resources and wealth.

And then wait in EXPECTATION!  THERE WILL BE A HARVEST!  It’s coming!  Are you expecting?

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