Now I Am Ruined

Written by Julie Hayden

November 11, 2017

Day 111 in the House of Prayer.  111 on 11/11.  Maybe I should’ve posted this at 1:11.  🙂

I can’t believe we have crossed over the 100 day threshold.  When we started it was going to be 21 days.  But how do you stop when God shows up?  Why would you even want to?!?!?!?!?!

What an amazing Day 111!  Our church hosted a conference by Ian Carroll called the School of Influence and Favor.  We are learning what it means to be a son and daughter of the King.

Did you know He loves you?  AND He likes you too?

As I was driving home a song came to mind.  I haven’t sung or heard it in years.  I couldn’t find it on YouTube, so just let the words wreck you tonight.

My Beloved by Yvonne Parks

How long I have waited for You

You have stolen my heart

And now I am ruined for anything less

I could live forever in Your arms

My heart belongs to only one love

My beloved – I am Yours and You are mine

During the afternoon session, Ian Carroll invited us to be still before God and speak to the Lord, “Father I belong to You.”  As we meditated on that thought, we were to fix our eyes on the Father and speak to Him.  (You know pray! Prayer is just speaking and listening with God).  We belong to God.  Everything we are – past, present and future – belongs to God and we are secure in Him.

In the quiet and in that assurance of belonging to Him and Him alone, He spoke destiny into peoples lives.  It was a powerful time in silence!  It was just a Father speaking blessing and purpose over His sons and daughters.  Lives were transformed as they sat still and listened to their Father’s voice.

Oh that we would take the time to come away with God and hear His voice.  He is calling us up higher, to give us the bigger picture.  He wants us to see what He sees and know His plans for us.  No good thing will He withhold  He is longing to be with you.  Do you long for Him?

Now I am ruined for anything less.  I want You more, Lord!


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